How To Meet Women -Your Easy Guide To Finding a Date Online

Learn How To Meet Women Online dating reviews looking for married women

Why Have We Written This Guide?

Hey fellas, well done for finding the UK’s premier dating guide,, a great place to find out about meeting women for free. This guide is going to make sure that you have plenty of success in meeting women, hot British ladies, when you are surfing the web, as well as teaching you how to take her from your computer screen and put her into your bed. By the end of this guide, you’re going to have an online profile to die for, on only the best sites, and know exactly how you get the attention of hotties online, and then how you leverage that attention into meeting girls, on first a date, and then sex. More than that, we are also going to tell you what NOT to do, and where NOT to go online, to make sure that you do meet UK women, and don’t end up scammed, broke, and watching babestation on a Saturday night.

Sound good? Then read on…

Basically, there are only a few decent sites that you should bother checking out. If you are interested in regular dating, then the sites we recommend, in this order are: xPress, PassionSearch, Flirt These are the best sites for if you want meet girls in London or beyond, and to date really fit girls. But with these, you have to put a lot of effort in. We will tell you exactly how to maximize this effort, but be prepared to do the work.

If you are just interested in a quick shag, and less so in the actually quality of women bouncing around on top of you, then may we recommend these sites to sirs: EroticAds, AdultFriendfinder, NoStringsAttached

Again, in this order of decency. Any other site you are going to come across online just isn’t worth it, and may be activity harmful.

Once we have got you happily set up on the site, or sites, of your choice, whether it be for a quickie, or something more long term, we’ll then tell you exactly how to act, what to say, and how to look on these sites so that you will meet beautiful women and pull the girls of your dreams. The point of these tips is to get you laid. That is our one and only mission. As well as giving you the best tips for your profile and the best tricks for messaging these girls, we also tell you the warning signs we have found for when you want to meet local girls, but Brenda from Bournemouth is really Barry from Basingstoke, i.e. how to spot fake accounts and how to make sure you are not scammed out of your money when you are on the pull online.

The Big Mistakes

As well as telling you what to do to get into girls’ pants, we’ll also tell you the common mistakes all guys make that means that they are locked out and never meet beautiful girls. These should be obvious, but many men make them nonetheless. These include such stupidity as posting ridiculous pictures of themselves, turning women off immediately, or thinking that once they have got the girls attention, they no longer have to do any work. Both big mistakes, and ones you will learn to avoid.

Our Methodology

So, we are just a couple of blokes that wanted to do right by our blokey brethren and try and work out was does work and what doesn’t work when men are trying to get laid online. We have come up with our own proprietary method for evaluating and ranking the dozens and dozens of dating sites out there, picking the best over a three month period, and presenting them to you signed, sealed, and delivered so that you can hop on straight away.