We Rated The Best Sites To Date Women in UK – Read Our Reviews

The Cream Of The Crop

So, you’ve decided to try online dating. Good for you mate. Though it used to have a really bad rep, online dating is now as mainstream as BBC One, with one in five people using dating services online at some point in their lives. That number is only going to increase, and already it is seen as just another avenue to dating bliss, or getting laid, whichever one floats your boat.

Choosing which of these two boats you are going to float is one of the important first steps in online dating. Basically, you can either go for the quantity over quality route, or vice versa. If you choose quantity, then you need to head for specific adult dating sites. The girls on these sites are easy, and up for as much fun as you. You can literally go from meeting them online to meeting them offline in the space of a few hours, and easily be knackered from the shagging a few hours after that. These sites are designed to get you laid, and laid quickly.

The Best Adult Dating Sites For Sex

If you are looking for where to meet women online in terms adult dating online in the UK, then the only three sites we recommend are:

Cheating Website Our Ranking Rating Emails Sent Responses Received Dates Setup Dates Had Successful Hookups Read Review Visit The Site
EroticAds dating site 1 ★★★★★ 180 55 25 23 22 Read the Review Try EroticAds For Free
AdultFriendfinder dating site 2 ★★★★ 180 51 29 22 13 Read the Review Try AdultFriendfinder For Free
NoStringsAttached dating site 3 ★★★★ 180 80 23 15 9 Read the Review Try NoStringsAttached For Free

No doubt you are already copy-pasting those into your browser. Wait, there is a downside. Let’s just say that we have found the quality of woman on these sites not something to write home about (if you write home about such things). The girls on adult dating sites are not particularly fit. But just like when you are out on the pull with the lads, do you really care? It’s only a one night stand, so who cares if she is a bit of a minger? Plus, we are not saying that they are monsters, just not the girls you dream about.

The Top 3 of Best Dating Sites For Relationships

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more traditional type of dating, with the possibility of dating much more attractive British women, then these are the best places to meet women, and the three sites we suggest are:

Webites To Meet Women Ranking Rating Msg Sent Msg Received Dates Setup Dates Had Serious Relationships Read Review Visit The Site
xPress dating site 1 ★★★★★ 180 154 93 53 33 Read the Review Try xPress For Free
PassionSearch dating site 2 ★★★★ 180 140 70 56 16 Read the Review Try PassionSearch For Free
Flirt dating site 3 ★★★★ 180 135 45 33 12 Read the Review Try Match For Free

These sites are what you think of when you imagine a dating site, and great places to meet women. Thousands upon thousands of members, all looking for the one. Now, that might not be exactly what you are looking for, but if you are looking for a cute British women to seduce, wine, dine, and date before getting to all the fun stuff, then these are the sites for you.

On all of these six sites, we found that the girls were cute and that we had luck and that these were the places to meet single women. The girls were cuter on the second three, and we had more luck on the first three, but you cannot have everything in life.

However, we strongly suggest signing up for two or more of these sites to maximize your chances. This means that you can choose the top sites form each list and have your cake and eat it – finding fit women to date, while getting your end away in the meantime.

The Bottom Of The Barrel – You Should NOT Try These Websites

So, if they are the six sites you really should sign up for, here is our list of the ten you should avoid like the plague and are definitely not where to meet girls online.. These are the losers. These ten sites were all researched by us, like the best sites, but these all fell woefully below par, and we list them here only so that you know which sites to stay away from:

Websites To Meet Women Ranking Rating Msg Sent Msg Received Dates Setup Dates Had Potential Relationships Read Review
eHarmony dating site 100% SCAM ★★ 180 110 54 10 1 Read the Review
Zoosk dating site 100% SCAM ★★ 180 94 46 7 1 Read the Review
SpeedDater dating site 100% SCAM ★★ 180 77 38 6 0 Read the Review
MySingleFriend dating site 100% SCAM ★★ 180 59 29 5 0 Read the Review
BritishHookups dating site 100% SCAM ★★ 180 63 31 5 0 Read the Review
JustSingles dating site 100% SCAM 180 53 26 5 0 Read the Review
Parship dating site 100% SCAM 180 32 24 3 0 Read the Review
Flirt dating site 100% SCAM 180 40 19 1 0 Read the Review
Mingle2 dating site 100% SCAM 180 34 17 0 0 Read the Review
Be2 dating site 100% SCAM 180 33 0 0 0 Read the Review

Apart from having woeful responses on these sites (We know what you are thinking – maybe it was just us? But the same strategies that worked excellently on the top sites, failed here. Like good scientists, we controlled the conditions, so it must be the sites), we also found that these sites were just teeming with fake accounts and scams. These were either people asking for money online, before getting anywhere near a date, or the sites getting us to sign up under false pretenses, where we thought things were free when they weren’t (both features and girls, if you know what we mean). If you want to try these sites, be our guests, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Testing

The testing strategy on each of these sites was fairly simply and gave us good metrics with which to compare each site. We sent out two emails per day on each site, for a period of three months. We counted how many got responses, and always continued the conversation with any girls that did message us back. We would use all our powers to try and get dates and close at the end of the night. That way, all the sites were on a level playing field, no matter the fitness of the girl. Sure, we made sure that we only contacted women we liked, but we are scientists, not martyrs!