About howto-meet-women.co.uk

Basically we are just ordinary blokes who have got fed up with all of the bollocks that goes along with online dating. Not only do you have to make sure you have exactly the right profiles, pictures and messages to pull the nice girls, you are likely to get scammed even before you start.
So we thought we would actually see what the decent sites are out there for British guys that actually result in dates and sex. We wanted to compile a list of the sites that men like us should use, and give these guys warnings about the sites that are trying to rip them off at every turn.
We also wanted to narrow down what does and does not work in online dating. You can find thousands of pages of advice on the internet on how to write the best profile, or what to do on a date, but does any of this actually work. That is what we wanted to find out, and what we have found out. This way, there is actually some numbers behind the claims and some evidence that having an active photo of yourself works, and writing about your cock doesn’t.
By exposing the scams we hope that the best sites will get better and the bad sites will either change their game, or disappear altogether. We are under no illusion that just two blokes from the UK can change such things, but if we can spread the word a bit about how men like us are getting ripped off online, then the message can grow and more and more men will head in the right direction.