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On 8 October 2014
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Be2 is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women. – PseudoscienceBe2 says on its front page that it guarantees success through a scientific approach to dating and that it is one of the most advanced dating sites on the web. However, our use of it only showed up terrible matches for us, and tried to hook us up with girls from all over, not just all over the UK, but all over the world. If this is scientific dating, we’ll take the artistic route any day.

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Geeky And Nerds

If you are looking for the nerd type then this could be a good site for you though. The girls on this site were rocking the geek look in a big way, but not in a good way. It made us wonder that, when you have sites like those at the top of our list available, why would you come to a site like this. We have said that you should be on the lookout for the plainer girls as these are unlikely to be scams, but the girls here were so plain as to render them invisible. But if you are looking for that kind of dull girl, then this is the site for you.

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Our recommendations about Be2. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK


A good test for dating sites is to avoid those one that are trying too hard to get your business. That probably means that they do not have the great, fit girls that is all men want from a dating site. After all, we are simple creatures. All we are looking for is a decent list of girls in our town or city that we can date or hook up with. Annoyingly, this site just doesn’t want to provide something so simple. The people behind this site want to wow you with all of the science, but have ended up with a site that doesn’t work as well as the most basic one that just produces a list of fit women. The site would take an amazing amount of information and then produce matches that were not at all matched to who we are or where we were, the two most important things. This seemed like a dating sites set up by and for internet geeks, where the point was to not actually meet, date, or hook up with any women, but just chat online to girls hundreds or thousands of miles away. As we have mentioned time and time again, it is important to keep it local when you are dating online so that you can actually get together with the girls.

Be2 Summary

This site fell down not because it was just offering fake accounts and scammers like a lot of others on our shit list, but because the site promised so much and failed to provide what we, or any basic online dater, would want. A terribly badly designed site and terribly badly designed women to populate it.

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