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On 8 October 2014
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Parship is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women. – Full Of CrazyWe originally thought we might be on to a winner with parship. The site seemed not too bad, the women on the site seemed fairly hot, and importantly, they were advertised as being on our local area, which is always important if you want to actually date or hook up with any of these girls. But the more we used the site, writing profiles and messaging the women, the more we noticed that these girls were not what they seemed and in fact this turned out to be one of the worst sites we came across, just packed full of fake accounts, scammers and hookers.

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When we first signed up, it seemed most of the girls were pretty good looking. Not stunners, but we said you should not expect stunners as that is nearly always a sign of a scam. Instead they were 6s, 7s, with the odd 8 here and there. We were glad to have found a decent site after all the dross we had waded through. But it turns out we were completely wrong.

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Our recommendations about Parship. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK

What set the alarm bells ringing initially was the fact we often came across girls who looked super-sweet in their photos, regular girl-next-door types, but then were completely obscene in their profiles. They would talk about exactly what they wanted to do in bed, how naughty they were and so on. This is just the kind of speak that, coupled with a picture of a sweet twenty-something, turns men’s minds to jelly, and don’t scammers know it. If you are not clued in to how these sites work, then you would read those and think you had hit the jackpot.

Instead we realised what was wrong and then started to look around the other profiles and notice all the little hints that show that these have not been set up by the women in the photos. Photos were used by multiple accounts, the information did not tally with the actual images (for instance, we saw a photo of a black women used in a profile that described herself as blonde with big, blue eyes), and more cases were what was written just didn’t seem true.

Parship Summary

What seemed like a winner turned out to be a terrible site. Once we had gone through and eliminated all the fake accounts from the site, what was left was mostly just dross, with only 4/5s on the site and nothing like we had originally thought.

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