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On 8 October 2014
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eHarmony is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women. – For Gullible BlokesIn the guide we told you how some of these sites are nothing more than disguised porn sites? Well, this is a prime example. seems to consist of just fake profiles, using images from porn to entice gullible guys into the site. We signed up for this site originally because it seemed quite professional and well designed, but almost straight away we were subsumed by messages from women. This might sound great, but when you start to get messages like this it is a red flag for fake accounts. They were obviously from scammers trying to get our attention and we had to fight through this deluge to even get a handle on the site.

Fake dating sites for having sex

Just Porn

Once we did start to look through the site it was obvious that it was really just a badly designed porn site, trying to get you to pay ever increasing amounts of money for more photos, videos or information about them women, while pretending you actually had a chance of meeting, dating, or hooking up with them. Realistically, you could get better porn for free on the web rather than signing up with a site which pretends these are real women.

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Our recommendations about eHarmony. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK

This site seems to offer everything but legitimate dating. You can find plenty of porno photos, videos, and even live cam girl video. But all that is doing it allowing you to get your rocks off in the evening and not giving you what you really want: actual women.

Of course, purely for your sake, we watched some of these videos. They are good, and some of the girls are quite hot, but you cannot date them. It may seem like that from the site, but these girls are obviously from Eastern Europe rather than in blighty. All you can do is have a wank, log off, and them go and find a proper site to use.

More East Europe Than East Anglia

This is a site, so you would expect that the girls would at least be British. But, along with the eastern European cam girls, we also found plenty of women who were not advertising in the UK. This is a common problem with the bad dating sites on the web. They have a lot of different web addresses for each country, a different sign up page for each country, but once you get into the actual site, all the women are all the same, so you are as likely to be chatting to a ladyboy in Thailand as you are a stunner from Tunbridge Wells. You can test this yourself by either trying different country domains for the same sites, or spoofing you IP address so that it appears you are coming from a different country. You will be presented with the same site, but now telling you that all the hot girls are in Berlin instead of Brighton.

eHarmony Summary

So this site is just a scam really. You can use it to knock on out to if that is your thing, or just to waste your time and chat to girls and hookers, and probably a fair few men from around the world if you have the time to waste. But if you want actual dating at the end of the day, then this is exactly the site to steer clear of.

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