Tips: The First Emails Make The Most Impact, So Make Them Count

Once you have got their attention with your awesome photos and your great profile, then you have to get down to business and start actually talking to them. This is a hurdle that many men fall at because they seize up when they have to talk to an actual, live girl, and their first email to a women is usually terrible. But do not fear, we are here to help again. We have run through the possible ways to start off the conversation, over 50 of them, and boiled them down to three rules that will always work, getting her attention and making sure that she messages back.

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We’ll keep this short, as you should. Make sure your initial email to a girl is no more than a few lines. One paragraph really. This is not the place for a long essay about your thoughts on life. Keep it short and sweet and just to the basics so that she can read and decide quickly. Plus this means you can get more messages out there.

You need to make sure the first message you send is witty and wise. DO not try and go all serious and pretend you are Sartre. Women really do love a sense of humour and breaking the ice with something funny makes you far more memorable than the guys who are messaging her to tell her how awesome her boobs are.

The last thing you need to include is what we call a ‘test’. This is vital in terms of how to meet girls. This is a question you can ask her to make sure that she has to reply. It can be a question about herself or something stupid, as long as it is funny, just so long as she feels that she just has to reply to you.

3 Terrible Messages…

So, like we say, we tested these messages on all the sites. It makes us cringe to think that we actually sent these messages to some women, but the things we do for you guys…

  1. Thought you looked fit from your photos. Love big boobs and tats. (Admittedly short, but certainly not sweet, nor funny. No test and certainly no reply. She did have big boobs though.)
  2. Taking my Aston down to the Riviera for the weekend. Wanna come? (No reply here again, though we think that some women would reply to this. The ones that want to take all your money.)
  3. I’m just a regular bloke who has gone through some difficulties recently with a break up and looking to get my life back on track. Would love to sit down with you and chat through things if you have got time (Only send something like this if you are a eunuch.)

And 3 Great Ones…

So, those ones didn’t work, but these ones did. You can see that they include all our tips: short, funny and a test. Of course you should tailor these to your own life and personality, but something along these lines will always work…

  1. Hey. I’ll keep this nice and short. I thought you looked really nice in your photos. Both pretty and with a nice, friendly smile. Hopefully you like the look of me in my photos as well (though sometimes I think I look like I have been startled by a goose when I smile. What do you think?). Anyhoo. Would love to chat more and perhaps meet up if you feel like it.
  2. You said you were looking for your knight in shining armour. Well, you are in luck. Granted the Queen is yet to bestow my obvious knighthood for services to moustaches, but I guess the letter just got lost in the post. I don’t actually have any armour, but I do cut quite the dash when spruced up and in a suit. And it isn’t shiny, but then I don’t dress like it is 1995. So if by knight in shining armour you meant non-knight in an un-shiny suit, you are in luck. That is what you meant, right?
  3. That is one awesome looking dog. I also have a chocolate lab, called Monster. I called him that because he was always tearing everything up as a puppy. He has calmed down somewhat in later life, but the name is still apt as, like all chocolate labs, he is a touch chubby. Admittedly that is mostly my fault as I can’t help but feed him bacon, but we have both taken up running recently to keep his (our) weight down. If you two fancy a run as well, then get back to me…

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