The Womanizer Team - PseudoscienceBe2 says on its front page that it guarantees success through a scientific approach to dating and that it is one of the most advanced dating sites on the web. However, our use of it only showed up terrible matches for us, and tried to hook us up with girls from all over, […] Read More - Past Its BestMingle2 not only has a terrible name but is advertised as one of the biggest sites in the UK for online dating. If that is true, then we have to wonder what the people of the UK are up to. Maybe this site once was the go-to site for dating and […] Read More

This is one of the biggest sites on the internet for regular dating and you can easily see how it has become such a big success. It was a very good site to use that allowed us to succeed by following our own rules and putting up the best photos we had, and adding a […] Read More - Full Of CrazyWe originally thought we might be on to a winner with parship. The site seemed not too bad, the women on the site seemed fairly hot, and importantly, they were advertised as being on our local area, which is always important if you want to actually date or hook up with […] Read More - Flooded With SpamThis is a really easy site to sign up for, which you would think would make it a great site in our eyes, but actually the opposite is true. It means that a load of scammers have flooded the site with fake accounts. In addition, the real women that are on […] Read More - Completely UselessWe had a terrible experience with BritishHookups, a completely useless site. What guys want from a hookup site is some quick, no-nonsense fun, but that isn't at all what this site offered. The first thing that really annoyed us was the amount of hookers and escorts there were on this site. This […] Read More - You Will Stay SingleThis was one of the weirder sites we came across and one of the ones that hit our strategies for six. The idea being on these sites is that you get your friends to write your profile instead of you. This is such a bloody awful idea that we are […] Read More - No Speed, No DatingSpeed dating is quite a fun and sexy thing. It is alluring to quickly get to know someone, hook up with them and have a lot of fun. It is thrilling and exciting. Therefore, it is quite amazing that has managed to make sure an exciting concept so unbelievably […] Read More - Fakes And FraudsZoosk is one of the largest sites in the world in terms of dating, has millions of members and apps galore to help you start dating. Whereas this all seems great to start off with, what it actually means is that you are constantly fighting against a massive amount of noise, […] Read More - For Gullible BlokesIn the guide we told you how some of these sites are nothing more than disguised porn sites? Well, this is a prime example. seems to consist of just fake profiles, using images from porn to entice gullible guys into the site. We signed up for this site originally because […] Read More