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On 8 October 2014
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We ranked #3. It's a good dating site to meet women in UK. Perhaps We prefered Xpress

This is one of the biggest sites on the internet for regular dating and you can easily see how it has become such a big success. It was a very good site to use that allowed us to succeed by following our own rules and putting up the best photos we had, and adding a killer profile. This meant that we ended up with a lot of the women on the site making the initial contact, plus it meant that we got a lot of replies to our own messages. It is also fairly good value for a regular dating site, particularly considering the amount of members that the site has, the quality of the women on the site and the fact that it allows you to set up dates pretty much straight away. Match is also a very secure site, so you do not have to worry about the scams, frauds, and fakes that you would find on a lot of the other sites online that we tested.
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The best way to get the most out of Match was to make sure that you had plenty of photos up showing you off to the girls. This played right into our hands as we always had really good photos to use on these sites as we knew that was the way to get the most attention and the most contacts. This allowed us to stand out from the pack and get a lot of interest from the women on the site. Having these good photos available also meant that, when we sent messages out,we were pretty sure that we would get some good replies. This means a lot as confidence is all important in online dating, and knowing you have the back up of some good photos makes a big difference. Of course, this also worked the other way around. Because the site really worked by photos, there were loads of photos of the cute girls on the site for us to peruse.

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Our recommendations about : You should try this dating site to meet women. We placed this site #3 in our Top List. Give it a try. Go to on Match

Some guys still did not understand this though and either only posted a picture or tow or none at all. If you are going to use Match, which we strongly suggest, then you should definitely have all of the pictures that we suggest, such as hot photos, action photos and cute photos to show off to all the women. – Our Recommendation

Match has been around for ages and has built up a massive member database so you can almost be guaranteed to find someone you like on this site. It attracts a lot of women, who generally go for the bigger and more respected sites, and therefore you are definitely going to get lucky on it.Just be sure to follow our advice. You have to have plenty of really good pictures to succeed on this site to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. You also then need a great profile to back it up, and then you are definitely going to get some attention.

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