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On 8 October 2014
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Zoosk is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women.

Zoosk.co.uk – Fakes And FraudsZoosk is one of the largest sites in the world in terms of dating, has millions of members and apps galore to help you start dating. Whereas this all seems great to start off with, what it actually means is that you are constantly fighting against a massive amount of noise, scams, fakes, and redundant accounts on the site so that it basically becomes useless, and more importantly, dangerous to use. In addition, even when you do find someone that is real on this site, they seemed entirely too eager, making this one of the least fun sites to use on the whole of the internet.

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An Older Clientele

Basically, this site was a nightmare to use. Of course, what we were after in our dating endeavour was hot, fun, young women, who were up for a good time, ideally, short-term, but long-term if the mood, and they, took us. But instead what you get on zoosk is the option to either be berated constantly be scammers try to get money out of you, or a hell of a lot of both old women and trannies trying to find some action. We do not know why this site out of all of them attracted that type of clientele, but we found that once a site got a name for offering certain services, others with those predilections flocked to it. Of course, we always tried to use the search options and such to make sure these were weeded out, but either these people had gamed the system, or it just didn’t work well. Either way, we always found that there were not the type of girls we wanted to get with on this site.

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Our recommendations about Zoosk. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK

Definitely Not English

One of the other main problems with this site was that it was just full to the brim with female scam artists. We say, female, but of course we have no idea if there was really a women on the other end of the internet connection. It could have been, and most likely was, a fat 44 year old Albanian. The pictures posted by these guys were not of the outrageous, obvious scam type that we talked about in the guide. Rather they were far more normal looking girls, actually lower on the scale than we would normally go for. But it is always a good idea to chat with people, and as we wanted to get a feel for the site we still joined in conversation with these girls.

Big mistake. They were OK to start, though alarm bells did start ringing when we noticed how appalling their English was. The profiles said that they were from different places in England, but the way they wrote suggested that English was not their first language. We put this down to the terrible comprehensive schooling system in the UK for the first couple we came across, but after a few girls had messaged us out of the blue and not been able to write we started to realise that a lot of the profiles on this site were fakes.

The first few messages would be nice, and then suddenly you would get caught for a tap up. Something had gone wrong for them and they needed money, or they loved you and wanted to see you but needed the £300 train fare to get from Manchester to London (though, in truth, it probably does cost that much).

In short, scammers and fakes. A site that looks great front eh outside but once you are in, you are presented with a non-stop barrage of pleas, abuse and scams.

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