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On 8 October 2014
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If you are looking for women, We recommend you to use PassionSearch. – Flirting And More… is one of the biggest sites on the internet so it is no surprise that it made our top 3 in terms of regular dating sites. In fact, it was only outdone by xPress in terms of the amount of dates that we managed to get from our sites and we found it a great site to be on. Because it is such a large site, it has so many women available, meaning that you should easily be able to find cute, fit girls in your area to date and pull, just as long as you follow our guide. Because it was easy to find local girls on the site, we were fairly confident from the get-go that the site was not just full of spammers and scammers, but rather that the women on it were all legitimate and there for fun rather than money. The localness of the women also meant that it was really easy to set up dates, which obviously increased our odds overall and meant that we could get out and meet these women, which is the whole point of it after all. The girls we did meet, either online or in the real world, were all really nice an down-to-earth. We put this down to the fact that, being one of the bigger sites, it attracted regular women rather than some of the nutjobs you get on some of the smaller and more spurious sites. OK, so regular in looks as well as in personality, but still fairly cute and plenty that you would not mind sharing a drink, or a bed with.

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Flirt was a site were having the right type of profile really made a massive difference to success. The site has a massive amount of members, meaning that it is even more important to stand out from the crowd with your awesome profile and brilliant pictures. Stupidly, or rather good for us, was the fact that most men just do not see that this is the way to go and only put up the briefest of remarks about themselves, and a few photos. It is stupid to do this on a big site especially, as you’ll just immediately be passed over by the women on the site. Make sure you are giving the girls a reason to look at your profile, stay there for a while and then contact you. Doing so would out you far ahead of all the other guys on the site and means that you are bound to get messages.

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Our recommendations about : You should try this dating site to meet women. We placed this site #2 in our Top List. Give it a try. Go to on PassionSearch – Our Recommendation

The results we had on were great and we highly recommend this site to other guys that want to try regular online dating. The site is easy to use and has masses of women on it, fit women at that, and most guys will be able to find something to their fancy on the site. Just remember that the key to all online dating is to make sure that you have a killer profile to wow the ladies and some great photos to catch their eye.

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