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On 8 October 2014
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BritishHookups is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women. – Completely UselessWe had a terrible experience with BritishHookups, a completely useless site. What guys want from a hookup site is some quick, no-nonsense fun, but that isn’t at all what this site offered.

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Hookers And Escorts

The first thing that really annoyed us was the amount of hookers and escorts there were on this site. This is a common thing on the low-grade hookup sites, as they know the men that go to them are on the lookout for sex so, if they do not get lucky with any of the regular girls, they might turn to the escorts instead. In some areas it seemed like it was only escorts on offer, rather than any local girls.

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Our recommendations about BritishHookups. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK

But you would be lucky to get anything locally. Even if they did advertise as being in the area, often the same account and photos were posted as being from multiple cities around the UK, just showing how likely it was to be a scam.

Fake Profiles

When you have been on as many of these sites as well have, you start to notice the tell-tale signs of a fake profile. The bad English, the few images, either showing highly attractive, fit girls, or crazily-porno women, the over-enthusiastic nature of the profile. All of these are warning signs, and all were on this site. The pictures are normally taken from facebook for the cute girls, or porn sites for the porny ones. If you do use multiple sites as we suggest, if you sign up to the wrong ones you will see these same images used on multiple sites as they are shared around.

If the profiles weren’t fake, they were for men. The site seemed to have a lot of men on it, way too many for our taste. Normally men outnumber women on these sites just because men are always looking to hook up whereas women are a bit more choosy. But we would probably say that there was a dozen guys on this site for every women. Plus, it seemed most were not following our advice and using good pictures of themselves, but photos of their man-boobs or dicks. Yummy. This does mean that you can stand out well on this site by having good pictures, but as you’ll just be enticing hookers or scammers, it really doesn’t make any difference.

Fake Ads

Most of the bad sites are full of ads and pop ups that really ruin the experience, and try to get you to sign up for other offers, usually involving enlarging anatomy or promising a 100% guaranteed strategy to get laid. Annoyingly, these normally look like they are built into the site, so you click on something thinking you are going to another page on the site, but really you are taken off somewhere for another scammer to get money from you.

BritishHookups Summary

Stay clear of this unless your idea of a British hookup is a Romanian escort, as that is all this site has to offer.

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