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On 8 October 2014
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EroticAds is an INCREDIBLE sex website! You should try it if you are looking to get laid.

This was easily the best adult dating site that we came across in the UK. It had exactly what we expected from such a site, which plenty of hot girls to hook up with and lots of chances to pull. If you are looking for adult dating sites to sign up for, then this has to be the first one on your list, as you are guaranteed to have fun. In fact, if you can’t get laid form this site then we really do not know what to do with you.

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Our Favourite Strategy

The reason we had such success on this site is that it was a site were women ruled, and they were happy to initiate any contact. They were not coming on too strong, which is normally the sign of someone trying to scam you, but always wanted to say hi and learn more. To make sure that they stayed interested, our big tip for this site was to always get back to the girls as quickly as possible, making sure they knew we had noticed them and wanted to continue the conversation, with the possibility of more. This was definitely the path to success on this site, and, luckily for us, not something the majority of men noticed, who didn’t seem up to speed with the site. We, of course, also initiated contact with any women that we liked, as that is always going to go down well, but if girls want to come on to us as well, who are we to say no.

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Our recommendations about : You should try this dating site to meet women. We placed this site #1 on our list of the best websites to meet married women. Go to on EroticAds and find an affair

Hot Women On EroticAds

One of the reasons we are so happy to recommend this site is that the women on the site definitely aren’t mingers. Fine, they are not quite as nice as the girls you find on regular dating sites, but still perfectly doable. As we did. They were also genuine women as well, not looking for too much, and just interested in having a good time.

You are never going to find 10s on these kind of sites, and we have told you that if you do find a 10, it is a sure-fire sign of a scam. There were no 10s on the site, and as we said, that is a bad sign anyway, but still girls who were more than averagely good-looking, and importantly looking for a good time with no-strings attached. There were a couple who wanted to keep the relationship going at the end, but for the most part, the women involved knew what was up, and where just as much out looking for a quick shag as any of the men on the site. – Our Recommendation

If you want to start adult dating, then look no further. On this site, you can hook up with plently of girls, and pretty fit ones at that. We had a great time on this site during our tests and will keep going on it afterwards. In fact we still have the numbers of a couple of girls we met on this site with whom we meet up all the time.

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