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On 8 October 2014
Last modified:26 January 2023

Summary: is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women.

The weirdest thing on many of the really crappy sites was how they were just really porn sites, with the allure of dating on top. Surely it cannot be that difficult to sell a porn site on the internet that you have to dress it up as a dating site? But still, there were plenty of sites like this, and was one such site that seemed more about wanking the night away than getting your end away.

Fake dating sites for having sex

A Porn Site In Disguise

This was a site that seemed more obsessed with camgirls than with actual real-life girls that you could date, which we found really annoying. These aren’t girls that you could ever actually date, and are often miles away, so what is the point of them being on there? In reality, they are there only to try and get as much money out of as possible and have absolutely nothing to do with actual dating. For this reason alone, you should be avoiding this site at all costs. What is the point of just watching girls all night on your computer when you actually what to be out and about with the real thing. That is what you should be looking for on these sites and your only goal. If you do not keep that in mind, and stay single-minded, then the internet is unfortunately going to be your dating grave, where you end up just clicking through from site to site watching porn instead of going out and experiencing the real thing with real women.

Reviews of Flirt.comOur recommendations about Flirt. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK

Few Real Girls

This was another site where we were initially promised so much and that delivered little once we had signed up and started using the site. By this point we were starting wonder whether there was any real online dating or adult dating to be done in the UK, or whether we were just being passed from pillar to post, and dumped into porn sites along the way. Flirt had a few real girls on it that we managed to ferret out between the fake accounts, cam girls and scammers that littered the site Again, a lot of the images used by the so-called women on this site can be found all over the net and all over other dating sites, advertising girls from all over the world. It must be frustrating if you are actually one of these women and want to use a dating website – no one would ever believe it was you!

Flirt Summary

What it was definitely not about was any real dating. Guys may come here looking for real dates, but then they get sucked into the porn and find themselves unable to escape and get back to what they wanted in the first place – dates. Stick clear of here if you do not want to fall into this trap.

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