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On 8 October 2014
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Definitively the best site to find a date with British Women. We recommend it

Xpress.com: A ReviewThis was the best site we came across during our experiments in online dating. The site had exactly what we wanted, which was basically plenty of really hot women. It was full of really nice, fit women, which is basically all you want at the end of the day from a dating site. It was also wonderfully free of the scams and fake accounts that plagued so many other dating sites we had used. We highly recommend that, if you are just starting out and want to start regular dating online, that you first start with xPress.com.

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Our Favourite Xpress.com Strategy

Our favourite thing about xPress was that, though we were happy to, we did not have to do all the chasing. The women on the site were happy to message us straight away, but they didn’t do it in the over the top way that is associated with scammers and the fake accounts on these sites. When they did contact us, we always made sure we got back to them as soon as possible, and this really seemed to be the way to go on this site. This is important. On the best sites, the women are always in demand so you have to make sure you get in there at the earliest possible opportunity and start the conversation rolling. When we did this, things quickly progressed and we were always able to quickly set up dates and move things along. This is always what you should on sites were the women are bold and not afraid of coming forward. Luckily, most of the other guys on this site were not as clued into the strategy as us, so, though they may well have been getting as much contact, we were the ones taking the most advantage of it. Still, we also made sure that we were always contacting the women first as well, and going through all the women we liked on the site and messaging them, initiating conversations, but if a girl flirts with you, it always pays to flirt back.

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Our recommendations about xPress.com : You should try this dating site to meet women. We placed this site #1 in our Top List. Give it a try. Go to on xPress

Hot Women On Xpress.com

Another great plus with xPress was that the women on it were pretty fit, much better than on your general regular dating site. We are not talking perfect 10s, and as we have said, you should always stick clear of anything that is too good to be true, but we managed to get dates with plenty of girls who were in the 7 and 8 categories, and even a few 9s alone the way. This was a standout feature of this site, that it had a lot of hot women, whom all seemed to come to this site out of all the ones on the web. Now you can see why it was our favourite. And importantly, not only were they hot, but the ones that we met, we all really super nice as well – proper genuine girls up form dating and fun. We needed up not taking it too far with these girls as we were just conducting an experiment, but there were plenty that we would have happily gone a lot further down the dating road with and were sad to let see slip out of our grasp.

Xpress.com – Our Recommendation

This is then obviously a highly rated site, principally because it had a lot of cute girls on it that were up for fun and dating. In fact, we still continue to use it for our personal dating and still continue to have plenty of luck on it. We strongly suggest that this is your first port of call when you start online dating

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