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On 8 October 2014
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JustSingles is a HUGE scam site. We don't recommed this dating site to meet women.

JustSingles.com – Flooded With SpamThis is a really easy site to sign up for, which you would think would make it a great site in our eyes, but actually the opposite is true. It means that a load of scammers have flooded the site with fake accounts. In addition, the real women that are on there are of the lowest quality imaginable. Definitely not date material, and mostly not hook up material either.

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Fakies Galore

This was obviously another one of the sites were the pictures of the girls were taken from all over the web just to get you to sign up. These fake profiles were probably set up by scammers who could easily get onto the site and set up multiple accounts just to try and get money out the guys who would be enticed by the girls in the pictures.

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Our recommendations about JustSingles. It was impossible for us to find girls on this dating site. Avoid getting scammed and waste your money. Find a real dating sites to meet women in UK

When we started using the site we almost immediately came up against scammers on the site, operating all over the UK. They had accounts pretending to be fit cuties in their twenties, which was exactly what we were looking for in our tests. But once we started reading the profiles and looking through the site, it was obvious that something wasn’t right and that it didn’t stack up. Using googles reverse image search we soon found the pictures on revenge porn sites, which are commonly used by scammers. This is because the girls on them are likely to be fairly cute, but also natural looking, rather than the type of girl you might get on a regular porn site. These pictures normally have plenty of photos of the girls to pad out the profile, with enough in lingerie/nakedness to keep the guys there entertained and trying to get in touch. To make sure they were scammers, we always played along for a bit, right up to the point that the request for money and/or personal information came along. This is the sign of a scammer. Most real girls will not want to know you bank account information!

Low Quality

We said in the guide that you should always look for the normal girls and not just for the stunners, but on this site we had trouble even finding that level of quality. This site seemed to have quite a few, to put it politely, large ladies on it. Now, don’t get us wrong, these girls need loving too, and if you are into larger girls then you should feel free, though we would still say that you should stick clear of this site as even some of these big girls might well be scams, like the nice one.

JustSingles Summary

A ton of fakes on this site, and then a ton of fatties where the real girls should be. Just stay clear of this site whatever your predilection, unless that predilection is to get ripped off.

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