reviews of dating sites to meet women

The weirdest thing on many of the really crappy sites was how they were just really porn sites, with the allure of dating on top. Surely it cannot be that difficult to sell a porn site on the internet that you have to dress it up as a dating site? But still, there were plenty […] Read More - Flirting And More… is one of the biggest sites on the internet so it is no surprise that it made our top 3 in terms of regular dating sites. In fact, it was only outdone by xPress in terms of the amount of dates that we managed to get from our sites and […] Read More A ReviewThis was the best site we came across during our experiments in online dating. The site had exactly what we wanted, which was basically plenty of really hot women. It was full of really nice, fit women, which is basically all you want at the end of the day from a dating site. […] Read More