Best Strategies For Your First Date – What You Have To Do?

If you have got this far then well done. You have done better than 99% of guys that sign up for internet dating sites. But now is the time that really matters, and our job would not be done if we gave you all the information about profiles, photos, fakes and messages and then left you swinging in the wind when it came to sealing the deal. Here we have a few tips on how to make sure the night goes well and you get out of there or get into bed at the end of the night.

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Of course, once you have decided to head out on a date, then the first question that comes up is where? Do not fall for the trap of thinking you have to go all out on this date, particularly if this is adult dating. The idea of this date is to get to know each other and then perhaps to head off home together at the end of the night. For that reason don’t just go to your nearest top restaurant. If you do this them you might end up dropping £100 on dinner for which you will not get sex at the end of the night. Plus, neither of you can really leave if things are not going well. Of course the opposite is also true. If things are going well, you tow can’t easily slip away for fun before you have finished the meal. You are stuck there all night, no matter how well the evening is going.

Therefore we suggest going to a lounge bar instead of a restaurant. At somewhere like this you can get a table or a booth ad sit and chat for a while easily, hidden away from the other people in the bar. Other places, like your local or a club are going to be too loud to easily chat, or you might end bumping into people you know, ruining the night. The only thought on this evening should be the women sitting opposite you. At anywhere more packed you might also run into the problems of other men trying to chat up your date.

Feel free to have a drink or two to make sure that the both of you can relax and talk and chat freely, but refrain from getting plastered. Remember, the end point of this night should be sex, and unless you can easily perform after ten pints, make sure you slowly sip your drinks throughout the night.

The other thing you need to prepare before you head out on the date are your two exit strategies – one for if things go well, one for if they do not. If you find yourself not attracted to the girl when you actually meet, then the best thing to do is to just be truthful about it. Obviously try not to hurt her feelings too much, but do not string her along just for the fun of it. Offer to pay for a taxi if she needs it and then both of you can just chalk it up to experience.

However, you do like her, then make that known as well. If things are going well then take the lead and ask her if she wants to go back to yours, or offer to head to hers if that makes her more comfortable. Don’t insist or become too creepy, but make sure she knows that you find her attractive and by the end of the night you are likely to be getting lucky…

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