The Best Tactic For Meeting Women On Internet & Get Laid Fast

Why You Have TO Use More Than One Site To Meet Women Online

It is tempting to find a UK dating site you really like and just stick to that one when you start online dating. You’ll get to know the people on that site, how it all works and you’ll know how to game the system. But this is not really how you meet women online. We urge serious caution when using this approach, for two big reasons…
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Narrowing Your Search

The most obvious reason for signing up to multiple sites is that you can cast your net wider and date more women. This is a great strategy for meeting women, and great to meet single women. Most women are going to only sign up for one site, so they girls that you are most attracted to, or fit best with, might be on another site. You wouldn’t just stick to one bar on a night out, thinking that was the only place you could pull, and you shouldn’t get into that mindset online either. Signing up for two or more sites means that you can flip between them, finding the best girls on each site. Using multiple sites to meet women online also means that you can be more proactive. If you only use one site, then once you have messaged the girls you like on that site, you just have to sit back until they get back to you. If you use multiple sites then while you are waiting you can head to another site to start the process again. It also means that you do not just have to wait for new women to sign up as you’ll always find new women on the other sites.

Serious Dating Sites vs. Adult Sex Sites

Of course there are also different sites for different habits. You should sign up for at least one of our regular dating sites:

  1. xPress
  2. PassionSearch
  3. Flirt

And one of our adult dating sites:

  1. EroticAds
  2. AdultFriendfinder
  3. NoStringsAttached

This means that you can be looking for more long-term dating on one site, while finding girls for fun on another. This is the best tactic for meeting girls. Better still is to sign up for more than one of each so that you can constantly be looking for the girls that you want.

The obvious thing that people always say when we suggest this is cost. But in reality these sites only cost a few quid per month. Take that in comparison to how much you might spend on just one night out looking for shag with a married women. It would probably cost you less to sign up for all six of our top sites for a month than it would cost you to go out on the pull for one week, and you would end up with much more success.

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