Advice: A Great Profile To Meet Women Online – Few Examples

Once you have hooked the women with your awesome profile pictures, then you have to make sure that they actually get hooked on you through your profile. If you skip the profile, or write something boring or crap then, even if you have great photos of you doing great things, the women will still just pass you by. Your profile is the chance to sell yourself to these women, and you have to come up with the best dating profile to meet women online, so you have to make sure that you do it right. You can tell when you have got it right because almost as soon as you post it, you’ll start getting messages from real women interested in you that want to chat and then go further. So what does it take it get it right? Here are a few internet dating profile tips for how to meet women.

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Be A Class Act

If you ever read through the dating profile descriptions of other guys online on regular dating sites but especially at adult dating sites and affair sites you will see that most men are hilariously bad at writing profiles and have zero idea of what women really want to hear from a man they are thinking of dating or shagging. Most are either super creepy or crass. They are sexually explicit and are basically what they would want to hear from a women, rather than what a women wants to hear from a man. We all want women to write about how they want to sleep with us and the size of their tits in their profile, but women do not really want to hear that crap. Instead they want something far more classy, and that should be your watch word while you write your profile.

Though you may just be trying to get into their pants, and they might know that, you still need to have an air of class to get to that point. Do not immediately go sexual, instead stay nice, stay friendly, and above all, stay funny.

Be A New Man

Are you all these things? Maybe yes, maybe no, but either way it is time to start acting that way. Women want the type of man that doesn’t really exist – someone who is funny, charming and attractive. If you are funny, you are probably not attractive, and if you are attractive, then why would you need to be funny to get girls. But whatever combination of these three you are, you have to come across as all three. This is where the fake it ’til you make it concept comes in. Even if you do not feel like these are you, on the outside you can exude confidence easily as long as you believe it about yourself. Basically, you are funny, charming and attractive, just so long as you believe those things about yourself.

You want to create a fantasy for these women, whether you intend to date them forever, or bang them for one night. You have to be what they want you to be. Confidence is the key word.

To play into this fantasy make sure that you sell yourself right in your profile. Out of over 20 different descriptions that we used when performing our study, these three descriptions and profile stood out as real winners with a lot of women, the best dating profile to meet women online:

  1. I am definitely the beach type. Love playing in the surf even on a cold day and can stand up on a surf board for a five whole seconds. Once the sun goes down I am one of those idiots who loves being around a campfire, though I promise not to bring my guitar. If you want to bring yours, email me.
  2. A perfect day for me is browsing a bookshop, a perfect evening watching a Truffaut. I don’t ask much from life but a little bit of fun, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of love. If you want to discuss love, life, and film over coffee, wine, or the breakfast table then get in touch.
  3. As at home in the library as I am in the woods. Really love getting out and about, particularly with my dog at weekends, but I also enjoy a cozy, fireside read. Work in the City, but that doesn’t mean I am an arsehole. Necessarily.

Each of these works on different types of women (outgoing, arty, and urban respectively). Look at how you can tailor yourself and sell your personality to the type of women you want to attract.

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