Romance Scams and Fake Women | The Dangers of Meeting Women Online

Online dating is a multi-million pound industry, and a lot of people are going to be competing for your money. Unfortunately it won’t be just legitimate sites looking to take your well-earned moolah, there are a lot of scam sites and scam artists out there, promising you the world and then delivering nothing. We wanted to write this section of the guide to give you a few tips on to what to look out for when starting dating, and what are the warning signs that you are about to get scammed on an online dating site. top dating sites

Choose The Best Dating Sites Only

We have already told you six of the good sites, three adult dating sites, and three traditional dating sites, so really there should be no reason for you to end up on the scam sites. But all people want to forge their own path so we won’t blame you, but you were warned. If you stay on the sites that we suggests then you will not end up scammed. As well looking into the quality of women and the quantity of dates that we ended up with, another important concern for us was whether the sites should the signs of scams.

With these six sites, we are confident that you will not have bad experience. These sites aren’t scams, nor were the women on them looking to make a quick quid. The accounts on them were from real women, with real pictures, and who actually wanted to date. The other sites that we used were completely different. These sites were just full of hundreds of fake accounts and profiles, and you are bombarded with messages that end up asking for money or personal information. If you stick clear of these sites and only use the six we guarantee are legitimate you will find fit girls looking for fun, not fat men looking for money.

Fakes And Frauds on Online Dating Sites

Though online dating or hooking up should be simple, you still need to employ some smarts when you start shopping for girls on line. This is because there are so many pitfalls and places where the only thing you are going to get is scammed. For instance, how many really fit girls do you actually know? Probably one or two, but not that many. However, when you go looking for girls online, at some sites it can seem as if there are nothing but hot women out there waiting to sit on your face.

Unfortunately this just isn’t the case. If you see a picture of someone you is a perfect 10, or even an 8 or 9 on the scale, then beware. In all likelihood, that picture has been scrapped from Facebook, Instagram, or even a porn site and put there to attract gullible men, and it works. Every guy in the universe it going to click through to that profile and read and then there dick takes over. Whenever that happens to you (and it will), remember to come back to this page and re-read it. Then close that profile and go and take a cold shower.

If you do not, you are in for a world of pain. Those images are put there for one reason only – to get money out of you. They will initially get your interest with the photos, then when you stupidly message them they will come back seeming very eager, first just flirtatious, then more and more sexually suggestive. Then, just as it looks like you have hit the jackpot, bam, you’ll be hit with a request for money. Probably they will say they need travel money to come and see you, or someone is ill and they cannot afford to go and see there dearly beloved great-great-grandaunt (twice removed) on their deathbed. At which point you are there as their knight in shining armour. You send away the money and then… nothing. Ever. Again. Do not get sucked in. Stick with the more regular girls and immediately cut contact with anyone who asks for money online.

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