Tips: Great Pictures Will Make Woman Want To Date You

Though we will go on to discuss how important a good written profile is for success in online dating, it isn’t what initially gets people to your profile. Just as you search through the images of the women on online dating sites look for fit girls, so the women do exactly the same looking for men who take their fancy. We are visual creatures and always want to see what people look like. top dating sites

However, most men do not seem to think like this, and forget to put up good pictures of themselves. Instead they either upload any picture they have lying around, even if it was taken in bad light five years ago, or they take a quick selfie on their phone and post that picture, and that picture alone. This is completely wrong and, if you are doing this, will probably be the biggest reason you are not getting interest. Instead you have to have multiple pictures showing you off. This is the key to how to meet women online. A lot of guys are against this, particularly ones that are not all that in the looks department, but get this, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you look good doing things, and are in situations that the women can start fantasizing about.

You have to put effort, and a bit of money into your online dating profile picture and get the profile pictures women like. If you just took it with your camera phone 20 seconds before it was uploaded in bad light after a long day, is it any wonder that women are passing it by? Most search pages present at least 20 profiles at once and people only spend a few seconds on each page. Yours has to stand out. Otherwise the women of your dreams is going to pass you by.

An Image To Stand Out

You first image should stand out. Why? Well most dating services will show upwards of 20 different images on their search pages. This means that you have to stand out from the other 19+ guys as the one that the women immediately clicks on. Research has shown that people scan these pages within a couple of seconds and then move on – if you do not catch her eye in those two seconds you will have lost your chance already no matter how awesome your other photos, profile or messages are, and no matter how cool you are.

Therefore do not just go for the usual full facial picture that every other bloke does. Instead have interesting pictures of you doing something instead. These will stand out and she will feel compelled to click on you. So which are the best profile pictures? Good ideas for these might be you out riding a horse, or skydiving, surfing, or anything adventurous. If that is not quite you, and you are more the bookish, indoors type, then use that to your advantage instead. Go for the playing with dogs picture, you cooking picture, or reading in the coffee shop depending on the type of women you want to hook. Because that is what this is, it is the hook on which you catch the girls. You have to be selling yourself in these pictures, otherwise everything else is for naught. If you want to know how to meet women, then women will want to meet you if you use these pictures.

Once she is caught and has clicked through to your gallery and profile, then you have hooked her, but not quite sold yourself yet. Make sure there are plenty of other pictures in there as well, showing all sides of your personality. A big mistake a lot of guys make is to only have the first image and then nothing to back it up with. Instead you need 10-20 other images as well, showing you with friends, playing sports, chilling, having fun so that you show how well rounded you are. Having these pictures also makes her wish to be a part of them with you. A picture of you on the beach with friends will make her to want to be there with you in her bikini.

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